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The details (including contact information) you submit in our enquiry form are kept confidential and only used to contact you for quotation purposes. Your personal details are not stored in any database or used for any further marketing purposes.

  • Are all your tours Private?
    Yes. All our tours are competly private, meaning if you book, it is only your group that will travel. You will of course have your very own dedicated local guide who will also be your driver for the day.
  • How has COVID19 affected your tours?
    We have only paused our tours during the lockdown periods that have been annocunced by the Australian Government. Our calendar is live, so if there is availability to book, it means our tours are running that day. We have undertaken various steps to keep our guests safe whilst on tour. Please refer to our COVID19 guide.
  • Which tour should I choose?
    We have many different tour options to suit your preferred time duration, budget and interests. Our signature tour is our 2 Day Tour. Please refer to our Tour page to read more about our tours. If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us either via phone or email, so we might be able to recommend the most suitable for you.
  • How much do I need to pay to lock in my preferred dates?
    You have two different options to choose from. You may pay for the entire tour upfront (100%) or you may prefer to just pay a 25% Deposit and the remaining 75% will be charged on the day of the tour.
  • Are you tour departure times flexible?
    In short, No. We have set out our departure time and arrival time round the flow of not only the local Melbourne commuter traffic, but also the tourist traffic flow as well, to try and ensure we arrive at these areas when the least number of tourists will be there. However, our multi-day (overnight) tours have some greater degree of flexibility, so please discuss any requests before making a booking.
  • What is your maximum group size?
    We cap the group size at 5 to provide a much more personal level of service. The minimum group size is 1, so there is no problem if you wish to travel as a solo guest.
  • What is the minimum age for tour participants?
    For our One Day tours, our minimum age for a guest is 12 years of age due to the large amount of driving involved. For our Mult-Day tours, our minimum age for a guest is 8 years of age. Due to insurance purposes, we regretfully are unable to carry guests under the age of 8.
  • What is included in the tours?
    Each tour inclusions are slightly different. However, you can expect all the National Park Fees as well as all attractions we visit to be included overall tour cost. You will also have included exclusive use of the vehicle and the undivided attention of your expert guide. Check out our Included Tour Options to discover more about the options which are included in the price of your tour, and which Additional Tour Options will incur an additional expense.
  • What is NOT included in the price?
    Food and beverages are NOT included on our tours. However complimentary bottled water and a fruit basket is available. For our overnight tours please note that accommodation is also NOT included. Each individual tour will detail the inclusions and exclusions before you book.
  • Can I contact the guide the day before the tour?
    Yes. The lead passenger will receive an SMS at least 24 hours prior to the tour date from your chosen tour guide, Incase you have any last minute questions. The guide will re-confirm the pick up time and location, as well as give you some handy last minute information such as the expected weather conditions for your tour.
  • How flexible is your tour? Can I make changes to your proposed tour itinerary.
    Absolutely. Please get in touch prior to booking to discuss any changes you would like to make. As the tour is completely private, the tour can be customised to your liking and go at your own preferred level of pace, but all changes need to be agreed by both parties before a booking is made.
  • Why does the 3 Day Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island Tour finish so late in the summer months?
    During the summer months, when the sunset time is later, the Penguins arrive back on Phillip Island later (when it is safer). This means during some summer months, the 3 Day Great Ocean Road & Phillip Island Tour finish time might not be until midnight on some occasions.
  • How long is the journey time along The Great Ocean Road?
    Be warned! You will have a large amount of vehcile sightseeing time if you are wishing to see the majority of the Great Ocean Road in One Day. We recommend you choose one of our Multi-Day tours, to reduce the daily driving hours, or at the very least, choose the 14 Hour Extended Tour to really get the most out of your time on The Great Ocean Road.
  • Does the tour still depart if it’s raining or if bad weather is forecast?
    Yes. We tour the Great Ocean Road come rail, hail or shine. We will only cancel the weather for dangerous weather conditions (such as bush fires).
  • Should I upgrade my ticket to the Penguin Parade?
    The short answer is yes - if your budget allows for it. It will offer a better experience than the General Viewing ticket option. We sell the upgrades at the same cost as the Penguin Parade Centre sell to the general public, and the money raised from upgrades go back into the island’s conservation efforts. Please note that upgrades can sell out, so don’t leave it until the last minute! Please check out our Penguin Parade Upgrade Options for more info!
  • Do you offer gift vouchers?
    Yes. We have a range of different gift voucher denominations. Please contact us so we can provide you with this booking option. The same cancellation rules apply as our standard bookings. Our gift vouchers do not have an expiry date.
  • Are you able to place a temporary hold on a date whilst I discuss with my friends/family?
    Sure thing! We can hold a travel date for up to 48 hours whilst you discuss your options with your travel group. We want to make sure you pick the tour that is right for you, on the date that you want and not feel rushed or pressured during the booking process. Please note that we only offer this option if the travel date is at least 28 days or more away.
  • I am nervous about choosing a tour company that I have never heard of. How can you re-assure me?
    That is understandable. We are a small family run company and not a large brand name. But this means we try even harder to give you the best tour possible! Our guides are locally sourced and we are experts of The Great Ocean Road region. Word of warning - be very wary of companies who cover multiple tourist areas. We encourage you to look at our past testimonials on Trip Advisor and our daily updates on Instagram to get a feel for who we are. We also only charge the final balance of the day of your tour, meaning you only have to commit to 25% as a down payment prior to the tour date.
  • Do you cater for guests with specific mobility needs?
    Unfortunately we are only a small family run company so we don’t have the capacity to offer any wheelchair accessible vehicles. We apologise for this inconvenience. However, we can recommend other tour providers who can offer this service.
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